Oops!  Sorry these have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available.  

Please click here for the all new Blizzard LP chest freezer.


FrosTek LP Chest Freezers, Propane Freezers, LP gas freezers

Lack of electricity is not a problem with the FrosTek-240 propane freezer. This chest freezer offers the convenience of home even in the most remote places.
FrosTek LP gas Propane Freezers The FrosTek-240 is a non-commercial propane freezer, ideal for use in remote locations such as cottages, camps, boats and cabins. The FrosTek-240 has 8.5 cu.ft. of storage space, is equipped with a thermostat, on/off indicator, piezo ignitor, easy access bottom drain, and a silent freezing unit. An exterior thermometer tells you the precise interior temperature without opening the door. The cooling unit keeps the temperature near 0F. Consumes 1.8 to 2.8 gallons of liquid propane gas a week, depending on ambient temperature. It is approved by the AGA and the CGA. The FrosTek contains no CFCs.
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* Gross Capacity: 8.5 cu.ft./240 litres

* Power Source: LPG - Propane

* Propane Pressure: 11" WC (27 mbar)

* Propane Consumption (average): 16 hrs/lb

* BTU: Max 1800, Min 1200

*  Color: Light Grey

* Dimensions: 38"H x 44.5"L x 31"D (cm 97x113x79)

* Minimum clearances for this freezer is two inches on the sides, 5" on the top, and 1" in back.

* Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)

* Shipping Box Dimensions 43.25" x 46" x 35.5" (cm 110x117x90)

* Shipping Weight: 275 lbs. (125 kg)

* Cost: $1875 plus freight; units are made in France, and ship out of Ohio.

* One year warranty.

Check out the New Frostek 160G available for HOT climates!

WHAT TRUCK FREIGHT ENTAILS:   The best rate for truck freight shipping is to have you pick it up at the local freight terminal or commercial drop point.  A residential delivery is usually $40 to $45 more than a business delivery, and, a lift gate (which drops the goods off at ground level), is another $80 to $100 in additional fees.  Inside delivery is an additional cost on top of that.

Know someone with a truck? Can you have a dolly or hand cart on hand?  If you can mobilize a couple of strong bodies, you might be able to save $80 to $120 or so!

Call for your freight on any of our truck freight items.

NOTE ABOUT RECEIVING TRUCK FREIGHT ITEMS:  Do not sign for anything until you have inspected your unit. You have spent good money on this, and it was shipped in good condition.  If you don't inspect it, and open the unit at home and find 'hidden damage', there is no recourse for a truck freight claim. All claims for damage MUST be made at the time of receipt of the unit!  Note any damage on the bill of lading before signing off--it's a relatively easy process to get a new unit or replacement parts if you do so.  But not if you don't inspect it!  Also, don't refuse an obviously damaged unit.  You will still be charged for it, as we will also be by our suppliers.  Freight damage is very rare (FORTUNATELY!), but proper documentation and reporting of any damage will expedite the claims process.

FrosTek LP Chest Freezers, Propane Freezers, LP gas freezers

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