Gas Refrigeration Maintenance/Troubleshooting
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So you bought a propane refrigerator and it's not working so well.  Cooling too little?  Cooling too much?  Frosting over?  Smelling kind of funky?  Click on any link below to see if you can avoid a service call and fix it yourself.  If your problem is not addressed below, give us a call and we'll get you on the road to recovery.



LP Refrigerator Installation/Maintenance Overview
General Cooling Unit Diagnostics
Safety Valve and Thermocouple Diagnostics
Thermostat Diagnostics
Refrigerator Gives off Strong Odor / Not Cooling Properly Top or Bottom
Refrigerator Burns Excessively Loudly and Does Not Stay Lit
Refrigerator Does Not Cool as Well in Summer Heat after Working Fine over Winter
Refrigerator Will Not Cool after Initial Installation or after Moving It to a New Location
Refrigerator Seems to Frost up Too Quickly

Transporting a Gas Refrigerator
Crystal Cold Troubleshooting
Diamond/Dometic Installation
Diamond/Dometic Operation & Maintenance

LP propane kitchen appliances including gas stoves, gas refrigerators, gas drop-in range tops