Gas Refrigerator Venting

Proper propane or natural gas refrigerator venting from the outside


gas refrigerator ventingNEVER install ANY gas appliance in an airtight structure or sleeping room without proper venting. Gas appliances consume air (oxygen) when the burner is operating. When used inside a home, provide a fresh air opening of at least 3 square inches (20mm). The main concern with propane-fired appliances is that they might consume all of the oxygen in the room. Given the very small burner on a gas fridge (practically a "pilot light"), this concern is minimal unless the unit is installed in an airtight room. It is recommended that a carbon monoxide detector be installed in the same room as any gas appliance, but note that propane (versus natural gas) appliances generate very little (effectively no) carbon monoxide. An exterior flue is not required with "vent-less" propane appliances like gas refrigerators, but you may choose to run an insulated 2 inch (min) inside diameter vent pipe through the roof (straight up is best) or the wall (avoid 90 degree bends with 45's spaced more than two feet apart). In some parts of the country, local code dictates a direct vent / air intake be installed on any gas appliance, no matter how small the burner.

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